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Special Thanks to all my loving great nephews and nieces for inspiration:

Lexi, Brayden, Madi, Parker, Chloe, Preston, Bryden, Austin, Erickson, Paisley and Remmi

Two Digit Subtraction

Game for 2nd and 3rd Graders

A fun sports-themed game for subtraction that are one and two-step word problems consisting of 2-digits within 100. The calculations are relatively simple; however, we add irrelevant facts to encourage students to read and think about the problems carefully.

Players may ask for a hint, if necessary, to display the actual subtraction equation. There are 5 word problems per game with 50 word problems included in the application.

Guess NFL Team Names

The Whole Family Can Play

Can you guess all 32 NFL football team names? This fun game also provides you with information on how all 32 NFL teams got their name.

This app was inspired by my great nephew, Preston. Thanks “Danger” for coming up with this game.